4 Ways Camping is a Form of Self Care

Did you know that camping can be an excellent form of self care? It’s true! Think about it. It doesn’t take being a self care guru to know there’s a benefit from fresh air, exercise, and stepping away from the demands of every day life and technology. Taking a weekend away in your new or used RV to focus on self care by camping will help you feel refreshed and grounded.

Deep Breathing

Self care, meditation, and yoga practices often emphasis the value of taking some slow, deep breaths as a way to hit the reset button and for a quick mental cleanse. Combine that with a few straight days of breathing in fresh, clean air and you’ll be enjoying the benefits of this from the inside out!

Camping and Self Care

Mute the Distractions

Turn your phone off. Really. Or at least change your settings to mute incoming notifications peppering you all day, every day, demanding your attention. Whether it’s a news outlet or social media or work, turn it off and set it down – and stick with it. Shushing the tech chatter clears it from your immediate attention, and camping gives you loads of interesting things to look at and focus on instead.

Camping and Self Care

Eat Healthier

Camp recipes often require you to simplify your cooking – and for the better! You’re more likely to use ingredients that are both fresh and few, rather than giving in to the impulse of swinging through a drive-thru yet again. Plus, when you utilize the outdoor kitchen on your new or used RV, you can enjoy both cooking and eating outside. Have you ever noticed that food eaten outside just seems to taste better? If not, it’s time to find out for yourself!

Camping and Self Care

Quality Time with What (and Who) Matters  

Camping is a form of self care because it lets you recenter and dial in on the values that matter the most. Whether it’s some time by yourself, with a loved one, or even the whole family, camping removes you from so many of life’s daily distractions and demands and gives you quality time with what, and who, is most important to you. You’ll find yourself renewed and refreshed – and more prepared to handle the chaos of everyday life when you eventually get back to it.

Camping and Self Care

Ready to start prioritizing your self care with a camping trip or two or twenty in a new or used RV? We’re ready to help. Contact us today!

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