Benefits of Buying a Used RV

 Side view of a Used 2020 Keystone RV Montana

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Our used RV inventory is full of great models to choose from, complete with various manufacturers and brands to browse through. Whether you’re new to RVing or have been a full-time traveler, there are so many benefits to buying a used RV.

Used RVs vs. New RVs


Of course, the biggest difference between a new RV and used RV is the price point. Used RVs can provide a lot of savings, especially because used RVs depreciate more slowly. Like a new versus used car, your lower purchase price may also be accompanied by lower insurance cost, less money towards interest payments if you’re financing, or even registration fees.

You can also upgrade to a more luxurious manufacturer or type of RV without having to pay for the latest and greatest model year.


New RVers may not even know what they like and dislike about the lifestyle just yet. Opting for a used RV may be a lot less stressful, and lower the pressures surrounding the new hobby or way of living. When buying a used RV, you have a little more leeway to learn the ins and outs, and truly discover what you love.

New Ownership

When you buy a new RV, you may be subject to a few kinks here and there around the vehicle. However, a used RV from our inventory is inspected and any underlying issues are addressed accordingly, so you can always trust in us at your go-to used RV dealership in Melbourne, FL.

Shop for a Used RV in Melbourne, FL with Murphy RV

Our Melbourne dealership is ready to help you pick your next used RV. If you have any questions about our used inventory or trading your current RV and putting the funds toward another vehicle, you can always contact us at Murphy RV. We look forward to seeing you at our dealership soon!

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