Travel Trailers vs. Fifth Wheels: How Do I Choose?


Fifth wheels require a pickup truck, because they use a special hitch — a long tongue — which sits in the bed of a pickup, while travel trailers use a common ball-and-couple hitch. Travel trailers can be towed with any vehicle that has a high-towing capacity, such as a pickup truck, SUV or Jeep. 

In addition to towing, also take into consideration your family size and the types of activities — canoeing, kayaking, riding dirt bikes or ATVs — you engage in while out and about. Think about where everyone will sit while traveling, and how you will transport all of your toys.

Oftentimes, the deciding factor on whether you go with a travel trailer or fifth wheel is determined by the type of towing vehicle you own or are planning to purchase.


Luxurious bathrooms, upscale sleeping areas, tech-savvy kitchens, cozy living rooms, slide-outs and fireplaces — the list of options and amenities just keeps growing.

The bottom line is that fifth wheels offer more space, privacy and room to spread out. However, travel trailers offer just as much comfort and space, accommodating four or more people, in most cases. 

Price Points

If you are new to the RV world, travel trailers and fifth wheels are a great option to get started without making a huge investment. Both are less expensive than drivable RVs, because they come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. When it comes to price and budget, you also need to factor in fuel and campsite costs. Bigger RVs that are heavier will obviously impact how much you spend on gas.


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